4 Social Media Platforms Your Law Firms Could Use

4 Social Media Platforms Your Law Firms Could Use

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Is your law firm on social media? It should be. You may be using social media for your own personal interactions but have you ever thought of the impact that it could have on your business? The same people using these platforms are your potential customers. They need legal services and are looking for the best lawyers in the region hoping to find them on their favorite social media platforms.

Using social media not only opens doors for you on those specific accounts but can also boost your SEO efforts. This means a higher ranking on Google and more prospective clients coming across your law firm online. If your goal is to get bigger and better cases, social media is something you need to really reconsider.

Getting started with social media and SEO for law firms

Search engine robots are looking at several factors to determine how best to rank your law firm website. One of these ranking factors is social media signals which is basically the kind of engagement and activity you’re getting from these platforms. The more engagement you get from social media, the more likely your site is going to be regarded as a recommendable source of information in your field.

Unfortunately, most lawyers don’t have the time to handle social media. If you’re keen on outshining your competitors and remaining on top of the game, you’ll create time for social media. What’s even better is to hire a marketing agency that will manage your accounts and has extensive experience in this area.

What you must focus on doing right now is identifying the right platforms to spend your time and money on. Time is a limited resource so you don’t need to manage social media accounts on all existing platforms. Here are 4 social media platforms we would highly recommend for law firm SEO.


With over 300 million users, Twitter is a strong social media platform that you need to take advantage of. The platform allows users to easily link to your content, giving you social signals that can ultimately boost your rankings.

Here are a few tips to make Twitter work for your law firm.

–          Create content that is valuable, fresh and informative if you want people to link to you on Twitter. Blog articles should be timely and relevant. Post tweets with a link back to your site.

–          Create infographics to summarize a blog article and share it on Twitter. Visuals play a huge role in creating better engagement on Twitter. You can also use funny GIFs or memes with links back to your site.

–          Tweet consistently, preferably several times a week or at least once daily.

–          Come up with ways to engage your Twitter followers. Post Q&A sessions and make sure you respond to users when they comment on your tweets.

–          Work on your Twitter profile and bio. Ensure the information is up to date and complete. Upload high-resolution photos of your law firm and add a link to your law firm website on your Twitter profile.


YouTube videos have become the new TV commercials. YouTube boasts of being the second largest search engine on the web. With more than 4 billion search queries monthly, this is a platform that you want to get in and create a strong presence. Perhaps your law firm needs to invest in compelling video content that is well produced.

How to use YouTube and realize results for your law firm

–          Invest in good videos because they will boost your reputation as a brand and also catch the eye of potential clients who have never come across your law firm.

–          You can try targeting video ads to users within your geographical location.

–          Make sure your YouTube channel is regularly updated.

–          Videos should have an authoritative but caring tone.

–          Fill in each video description box with relevant information about the video. You can use some keywords and add a link to your site. In fact, that small video description box should be given as much attention as the copy on your law firm website because it has a lot of SEO potential.


Facebook attracts more than 1.71 billion users every day. While getting as many links as possible on your Facebook status updates may not have a significant impact on your SEO, Facebook posts can get indexed and become searchable content. Therefore, make sure the content that you update on your Facebook profile is complete, accurate and relevant to your business.

How to use Facebook to market your law firm

–          Your law firm Facebook page should be set to public which allows anyone to access/follow the page.

–          Your profile should be complete with details about your business such as the physical address, email address, social media links, website, and services.

–          Upload plenty of images on your Facebook page.

–          Run ads that are customized to your goals. A reliable law firm marketing agency can help you set up an effective PPC campaign to boost your Facebook follower numbers.

–          Update posts on Facebook on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged. Whether it’s a new blog post or article, share the link on your page to get more traffic.

–          Always respond to comments and find new ways to engage with your Facebook audience.

Google +

While it’s not one of the most popular social media platforms on the web, Google + has so much SEO potential. You don’t need to spend so much time and resources on Google+ but just make sure you have a complete profile with all your contact information, physical address and at least some engaging content for users who stumble upon your page.

As always, we’re here to give you the best social media and SEO for law firms. If you need help with social media management that’s customized to suit lawyers’ needs, we’re here for you.

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