What Do Legal Consumers Really Want And How Do They Get It?

What Do Legal Consumers Really Want

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After starting your law firm, the next step you need to take is to understand what legal consumers really want and find ways to give it to them. Every attorney needs to know what influences the decision of a consumer when hiring an attorney.

FindLaw is committed to conducting U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey to understand what consumers really want. Their 2017’s survey had some new revelations on the behavioral characteristics of legal consumers. You need to use these findings in legal marketing Chicago.

  • 59% of legal consumers take action within a week. They are ready to take action once they contact you. 64% will expect to get a response within 24 hours.
  • 58% only contact one attorney meaning they are predisposed to hire you by the time they contact your firm. Making the intake process of your firm critical is paramount. 21% will consider contacting at least two attorneys before making their choice. Less than 21% will contact more than three attorneys before settling for one.
  • 85% of consumers who contact law firms end up hiring an attorney. Don’t be too quick to dismiss a lead. Have a solid system for nurturing leads. You must also hire the right team for answering calls.
  • 50% will not go more than 28 miles searching for an attorney. 35% prefer to travel less than 20 miles. You should keep things local.
  • 58% rely on search engines and 42% use online legal directories when searching for an attorney. Your law firm should invest in SEO for law firm Chicago.
  • 40% consider reviews/recommendations as the main factor when choosing a lawyer
  • 21% use voice searches on mobile devices
  • 38% use mobile phones whereas 31% use landlines. In marketing, you need to focus a little more on mobile. Your website must also have a mobile-friendly design.
  • 58% contact legal professionals or organizations. When it comes to legal matters, people want to work with the professionals. Only a handful of people choose to do nothing or opt for a DIY solution.

What legal consumers want

Understanding what legal consumers really want will help tailor your marketing strategy in a manner that wins you more clients. Here are the factors that influence the decision of a client:

Concrete factors

  • Expertise 43%
  • Cost 33%
  • Location 31%
  • Speed 26%
  • Specialization 23%
  • Years of service 23%

Subjective factors

  • Recommendations 40%
  • Reputation 29%
  • Sense of trust 29%
  • Apparent honesty 24%
  • Sense of empathy 22%

How legal consumers find attorneys online

There are four main methods that clients use to find attorneys through the Internet:

  • Online search: Search engines account for 58% whereas legal directories like FindLaw.com make up for 42%.
  • Voice search: 21% use home devices and 6% use mobile devices. Voice optimization for law firms becomes more and more important each year.
  • Mobile search: Mobile phones make up for 52% of the searches whereas tablets account for 35%.
  • Use an app: 18% use an app on mobile phones and 12% use an app on their tablet to search for an attorney.

Based on the above information, when it comes to legal marketing Chicago, you need to leverage on legal directories, optimize your local presence, perfect your intake process and give clients confidence and reassurance when they contact you.

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