3 Tips For Lawyers Looking For Engagement On LinkedIn

3 Tips For Lawyers For Engagement On LinkedIn

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If you’re a fan of LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed the increase in engagement levels across the platform. The social media platform has grown to become one of the best places to be for anyone with a desire to grow their personal brand, build a network and generate leads for their business. Like all other social media platforms, you need to understand what works for LinkedIn in order to build your law firm profile or personal brand. We’ll give you 3 easy tips to make LinkedIn work for lawyers or law firm websites.

Get creative

First and foremost, you must be ready to provide a lot of value to your LinkedIn users. This is the only way you’ll see any success on LinkedIn. People who are looking to engage with you want to know that you can actually help them by delivering value. As a lawyer, you already have extensive knowledge in your field. You certainly have stories to share. Take advantage of this to grow your connections.

People love stories because they can easily relate and apply the information in their own lives. Therefore, if you post a LinkedIn post that includes a story, expect to receive a significant level of engagement. Stories that work on LinkedIn can be as simple as what inspired you to become a criminal lawyer or start a law firm. Everyone has a story.

When coming up with a story that you wish to share on LinkedIn, make it dramatic, compelling and engaging. You may need to open up to your audience in ways you never imagined you could but this makes people trust you more. In fact, sharing your story can sometimes make you vulnerable. It’s such stories that are human and make people behind the screen feel like they are speaking to someone else on the other side. Take advantage of this to be as human as possible by sharing your story the best way you know how to.

When someone visits your profile, don’t make it too cliché by posting boring articles that have already been covered thousands of times. Instead, let someone read a personal story about your journey, how you earned your reputation and learned a major life lesson after losing your job. It’s such stories that enable people to connect with you and trust you more.

Don’t try to sell anything on LinkedIn. Stories will certainly sell you so feel free to be open, vulnerable and honest by telling your great story.

Encourage followers to comment

When posting your content on LinkedIn, encourage the readers to engage. There are different ways to go about this. You can take part in a hot topic discussion which usually attracts lots of engagement. People love to express their opinions and such discussions enable you to take part in quality arguments that showcase your knowledge in certain areas of law.

You can use statements like “Agree or Disagree”, to encourage debates in the comment section. Simple questions like “What do you think?” can get people talking and give your personal brand a lot of traction on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you reap more benefits by getting more comments than more likes. Therefore, focusing on comments means that you get an opportunity to reach out to more people in form of more impressions and exposure for your brand.

You can even offer your connections a free gift by requesting them to ask for it in the comment section. For instance, if you’re coming up with a tool that people need and want to get their hands on, allow your LinkedIn network to get it for free by commenting on the post. As more people comment, the post is served to more people who will see it and may also comment. If you have a really good value proposition, your content can soon go viral giving you a lot of connections on LinkedIn and open up opportunities for you to network and build your brand.

Connect with people

Other than just hitting the connect button every once in a while, LinkedIn allows you to connect deeper with the people you meet on the platform. Those random connections can turn out to be great partnerships that lead to bigger and better cases for your law firm. Therefore, take time to also promote others whenever you get a chance. Whether it’s a mentor, new acquittance or a random connection with really great content, it’s always a great idea to connect in more ways than one.

A simple way to promote others is to create a post where you mention your mentors, colleagues or old friends who have helped you to grow. It’s a great way to show others that you appreciate the impact they have had in your career and how they’ve contributed to the success you’ve had so far. This is a unique way to tell your story and also collaborate with others.

Call out the people who have helped you through certain cases and cite specific events. It’s a nice way to keep people engaged, earn trust and build a solid reputation on LinkedIn. You can even create an informative blog post mentioning other contributors and taking the time to promote it on LinkedIn. You’ll get more views from your network and also have a chance to promote others in your field. Make sure you drive traffic back to the original article whenever you mention the post on LinkedIn.

Building relationships is a great way to earn trust and show people that you really know your stuff. Potential clients also want to see that you’ve surrounded yourself with the best in the business. It’s a great way to create engagement.

LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms for social media to set yourself apart as a legal expert in your field. The best way to approach this platform is to create content that provides value, tells a story and sparks engagement. Don’t use LinkedIn to sell yourself directly or you’ll miss out on great opportunities to network and build a solid reputation.

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