Top Things To Get Done When Marketing Your Law Firm In 2022

Top Things To Get Done When Marketing Your Law Firm in 2019

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Over the years, we’ve seen law firms completely transformed by increased website traffic. As more people are using search engines to find lawyers in their area, law firms are now buckling down on marketing more than ever. Marketing works, provided you do it consistently and do it right. In this law firm marketing checklist 2022, we’ll cover both traditional and digital forms of marketing because we do believe they are equally important and effective for law firms.

Getting started with offline marketing for your law firm

What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)

Every law firm has a unique selling proposition (USP). To find out what your USPs are, identify what makes your law firm different. Think about the type of client that you target. What’s their age, income level and what type of legal advice would they need? To help you discover what makes you different as a law firm, go through your competitors’ websites. Read through and try to identify things that you would do differently. The difference between other law firms and your own could be in the way you approach clients or the points you emphasize as a company.

What is it that your clients need most? Which among them is the hardest for your clients to find? Out of these items, you can clearly identify what you do or can offer. A USP could be the level of skills and experience you bring to the table as compared to what your competitors offer. Try and make the Unique Selling Propositions about the clients and their needs. After reflecting on all these areas, write a sentence or two that conveys a core message about your law firm. 

Face to Face Meetings

Marketing your law firm in person can be a challenge since lawyers are bound by strict ethics rules. However, face to face meetings are a great opportunity to market your legal services, especially to potential local clients.

There are several opportunities to do in-person marketing:

–          Network with community members, friends, colleagues and clients over lunch. You never know what doors may open in such informal meetings.

–          Depending on your client’s specific situation, you can pay them a visit at their place of business and offer legal assistance so long as it doesn’t result in any ethical issues.

–          Make a good first impression when meeting clients. Show up on time, be friendly and engage with them.

–          Take advantage of opportunities to speak, participate in community functions and other similar events. This will make you more visible in your area which can go a long way especially if you’re practicing solo.

Use of print material

Print material, though old-fashioned, can still help you to effectively market your law firm. There are different ways to use print media as a marketing tool.

–          Invest in professional-looking business cards and carry them in your wallet or suitcase at all times.

–          Request to contribute as a guest writer on your local newspaper or community newsletter. This is a more cost-effective approach instead of advertising your law firm on the dailies. Guest writing can also help to build credibility.

Digital marketing checklist for law firms

This checklist would be incomplete if we failed to mention digital tactics. An effective digital marketing strategy can totally transform your law firm. First things first, you need to invest in a fully functional law firm website. Building a high-quality website takes time so if you are planning to open your doors in a few months or even a year, ensure that you get started with the web design and development process early enough. You may have a website but it’s simply not effective. Look for someone to work on the content and design of your law firm website so that you’re able to easily convert prospects into customers.

Recommendations for law firm websites

–          Using WordPress as the preferred CMS

–          Main pages that should be included on a law firm website: about us, home, blog, contact page and attorney bio page

–          High site load speed across different devices and operating systems. Site speed can impact site success on Google.

–          A mobile responsive website which is compatible across all devices with varying screen sizes.

–          A sitemap should be created and submitted to Google (and other search engines) for indexing.

–          An interactive chat feature on the website

–          The inclusion of necessary disclaimers to ensure you do not defy any ethics rules and advisories in your jurisdiction

–          Easy to navigate website

Invest in fresh, high-quality content

Content marketing works for law firm websites. It’s a lot of hard work but it certainly pays off. Invest in fresh and high-quality content which you can publish on your law firm website on a regular basis.

Below are a few content marketing ideas that would work really well for law firms:

–          Create a blog on your law firm website and publish at least one article every week.

–          Create content about the different practice areas your law firm serves. You can also add new webpages for cases your law firm has handled. Make sure the content is well-written, relevant and interesting to your target audience.

–          Create longer blog articles of at least 750 words or more. Longer content allows you to cover more topics and increases your chances of showing up in search.

–          Write press releases and publish them on your website. You can easily find something newsworthy for your firm whether it’s a new hire or a new practice area.

–          Don’t just publish written-word, you can invest in other types of content such as infographics, images, podcasts, videos and more.

–          Create YouTube videos for your law firm. You can come up with short videos answering legal questions or covering popular topics.

Tracking Leads

We can’t conclude without mentioning the importance of tracking leads. You need to ensure that a good number of people who find you end up hiring you. If you’re losing clients in the conversion process, take time to understand why. Whether your marketing is offline or online, it pays to know how often you make the sale. One way of tracking sales is to create a simple form to track contacts and how often you do follow up. Do some analysis after a specific period say, 6 months. Find out how long it takes for customers to hire you after making the first call using the data you already have. Was phone or email better at converting customers? Do customers convert better when you return their call on the same day? This information will help you to understand what works better for your law firm and improve your marketing strategy.

Get help in lawyer marketing

Lawyer marketing is not something you want to do on your own. Get someone who has spent their years learning how to get lawyers and law firms on top of Google. The checklist above is just to give you an idea of what can be done to market your law firm. Working with professionals ensures that you have customized marketing solutions that bring you more business consistently.

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