Marketing Trends For Law Firms In 2019

Marketing Trends For Law Firms

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Google is always making changes and it’s very important to watch out where things are headed if you want to take your law firm marketing to the next level. Below, we’re going to discuss some popular marketing trends for law firms that we expect to take center stage in 2019.

More and more law firms will seek to become an authority in their niche

Going niche is always a great move not just in terms of law firm marketing but also for your practice structure. Legal services are becoming more competitive by the day. It’s getting harder and harder to rank for generic legal terms which is why most law firms prefer getting into a space where they don’t compete so much for some general key phrases.

If you are a small law firm, a better strategy would be to find that specific area of law that your website can specialize in. It’s easier to dominate that niche and start building your reputation as a recognized source of information in the field. This is also something that established law firms should consider. People prefer hiring specialists so showing that your law firm focuses on specific areas of law can improve your conversion rates.

How to determine your niche

In order to figure out what your niche is, think of the type of cases you like and want your law firm to focus on. Is there a market for such types of cases? Do some research to understand the kind of competition that’s there for that particular niche. Once you find that niche, make it the sole focus on your website. The idea is to establish yourself as a thought leader in that particular area of law. This means coming up with great content that speaks to your users (you can hire a professional copywriter to do this for you) and engaging with your audience across different platforms. Take advantage of different opportunities to display your expertise in that niche. Know who you are and maintain your focus.

Law firms will get smarter with SEO

Google has gone through so many changes that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how they affect the marketing for law firm. Today, it’s hard for most users to tell the difference between paid and organic listings on search. Google is really giving paid ads a lot of prominence on search. But this doesn’t mean that you should put all your efforts on paid search advertising or rely on organic search rankings. You probably need to strike a balance and do a bit of both. The trick is to diversify your SEM strategy.

Running PPC ads for legal services can be frustrating to most lawyers mainly because of the high cost. There are however smart ways to use PPC and get the most ROI. Taking the right steps such as making sure you have a custom landing page for all ads can increase your traffic and rankings. Instead of directing your users to the home page that has a lot of unnecessary information, the traffic should be directed to a custom landing page with elements that are designed to improve conversion rates.

More law firms will use PPC ads to gain traffic on search. These ads especially work for branded terms because they have a low competition and the CPCs are usually reasonable for these terms. Furthermore, when you target users who are typing branded terms, it’s easy to convert them by driving them to a page that has more information on exactly what they are looking for.

Law firms will take time to better understand their target audience

It’s now easier more than ever for any business to receive feedback from its customers on the web. Whether through questionnaires sent via email or online surveys, your law firm can get critical feedback that will help you to cater to your target market’s needs. One thing you probably need to do is to provide your customers with a variety of ways to get in touch with your law firm. This includes options like live chat, texting, email, phone and contact forms. You can even allow leads to schedule the best time to talk to you from your law firm website. 

Lawyers will invest in more engaging law firm websites

Google algorithms are constantly changing but one of those marketing trends for law firm websites that you may have noticed is the reliance on engagement as a metric for ranking sites. Google is constantly favoring web pages that are engaging the most users. It’s looking at different metrics such as bounce rate and time spent on site to determine how well your website engages its users. The ultimate goal is to ensure that users get the most interactive browsing experience and this means law firm websites need to work on their design, structure, speed and content quality. If you are in a competitive space, one of the things that you can do to make your law firm stand out is to work on making your site more engaging.

Law firms will focus more on referral marketing

For many years, lawyers have used referral marketing to generate leads and get the highest ROI over time. Referrals can generate significant business for any law firm and they should be incorporated into your online marketing efforts. With every marketing message you put out there, you drive more and more people to your law firm ultimately increasing your chances of getting more referrals.

Work on a remarketing strategy such as using emails to maintain a good relationship with former clients and facilitate referrals. Don’t just send spammy emails to your former clients. Segment the lists into groups and customize the emails in a way that it appeals most to each group. Reach out to former clients on an individual level and get feedback from them. Use social media to create a strong professional network. Have an active profile on Facebook and LinkedIn where you could foster professional relationships that ultimately grow your law firm.

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