How Lawyers Can Link with Today’s Legal Consumer

How Lawyers Can Link

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Legal consumers are savvier than they used to be a few years back. It is mandatory for law firms to update their law firm marketing Chicago in order to reach and persuade clients.

Back in 2016, a survey by Avvo provided very interesting revelations on modern legal consumers. The survey involved 1,000 adults.

Here are the findings:

  • 95% of the respondents said online reviews were fundamental when researching a law firm or an individual attorney
  • 76% prefer the fixed fee billing
  • 47% only want to hire a lawyer to help review online forms they prepared
  • 45% of those who get a referral to a lawyer still research the lawyer on the Internet
  • 42% undertake their own legal research on the Internet

If you are looking for expert tips on how to effectively connect with the modern day legal consumer, here are some tips you should start using.

Create a strong presence on social media

In social media marketing, the focus needs to be frequenting the social media sites that your target clients frequent. You also need to match the demographics of your target clients to a platform’s demographics. Secondly, you need to implement a marketing program that you can both monitor and measure. This helps repeat success.

Facebook is a platform you should not ignore. This is thanks to the platform’s custom audiences features. You can easily get ads to the ideal clients. If you are a business lawyer, you should not ignore LinkedIn. Customized targeting is possible here thanks to the Matched Audiences feature.

Encourage online reviews

Considering the much legal consumers’ value reviews, you need to look for ways to make the reviews happen. Make use of every possible opportunity to get a review: after winning a case, after helping a client with litigation and so on. You also need to make it easy for clients to review you by providing them with a link to where they can post a review. Alternatively, you can use an auto-responder email that has a built-in Google review form. Post the testimonials or reviews on your website, e-newsletter, and anywhere that your clients can stumble upon them. Don’t forget to ask reviewers to submit their reviews to Google as that will help with SEO Chicago. Properly optimized Google reviews for law firms do show up in search.

Offer a la carte service options

Millions of people download legal documents from Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom. These people still need the help of a real lawyer when reviewing the documents. To promote your law firm, you should consider offering unbundled services such as online legal document reviews more so to business clients.

Provide fixed fee options

Extensive research is needed prior to offering fixed fee options. You need to come up with a fee that protects profitability. You can stage fixed fees according to specific phases of cases or include a complete legal matter. Fixed fees create goodwill and trust.

Provide instant access

Last but not least, your website should have the Live Chat feature. This helps your customers get their questions answered fast. A law firm can convert up to 75% of live chat leads to regular clients.

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