Keep The Wrong Clients Away With The Right Law Firm Marketing

Keep The Wrong Clients Away

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Marketing your law practice is important in bringing in new clients. Strategic marketing will not only guarantee a stable flow of income but also keep the wrong clients out of your law practice. Have you dealt with the wrong clients in your law firm marketing Chicago?

Below are examples of wrong clients:

  • Clients who refuse to pay you on time
  • Clients who abuse your time and abuse your staff
  • Clients who don’t value your expertise or don’t respect you
  • Clients who want you to work outside your area of focus
  • Prospective clients who take up a bunch of your time asking questions and end up not hiring you

5 Signs of working with too many wrong clients include:

  • Endless cash flow stress due to late payment
  • Stress and discontentment at work
  • Constantly having to reinvent the wheel every time you get a new engagement
  • Spending too much time and effort in the intake process and not winning enough business.
  • You’re probably not enjoying your law practice very much

These symptoms show that your marketing may be part of the problem or you’re not doing it the right way. Therefore, you need to build a powerful brand.

Below are 3 practical ways you can inject to make this happen:

1. Build Your Brand

Many of the problems discussed above are brought about by how we portray ourselves. The perception that your existing clients and potential new clients have of you. You need to build your brand based on your expertise, authority, and credibility. Invest in building your brand as a leading expert, highly skilled, and invaluable.

Here are some of the things that you can do to stand out from the pack:

  • Become active on social media to increase engagement
  • Write content – blogs and articles
  • Look for speaking engagements
  • Look for opportunities to appear on the radio or TV
  • Use video to enhance your credibility, expertise, and authority.
  • Write a book to tell your story

2. Prioritize on a Niche

Focus on one area that you’re good at or a group of related practice areas for example employment. This is called niching down. This way, you’ll be able to position yourself as a specialist as opposed to a generalist (aka jack-of-all-trades) and you can focus on employment lawyer marketing. As a generalist, it will be hard to position yourself as an expert. Picture this: if you’re sick and looking for a doctor. Who would you prefer – a general practitioner or a specialist with a focus on the specific problem you’re dealing with? Of course, you’d prefer the specialist, treat them with respect, and pay more willingly – for their services. The same applies to your legal marketing.

3. Sharpen Your Marketing Message

Once you’ve identified your niche and your target market, you can tailor your marketing message to suit your clients’ needs. Use appealing language.  that resonates with them to encourage engagement and interaction.

Final Thoughts

When you build a strong brand, you’ll begin to attract clients who value your work and are willing to pay more for your expertise. Do you want to build a sustainably profitable practice? dNOVO Group in Chicago will help you build a powerful brand that attracts the right clients while keeping the wrong ones out of your law firm.

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