7 Essential Elements Of An Effective Law Firm Website Design

7 Essential Elements of effective law firm website design

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The best law firm website design is one that helps you achieve the main goal of having a site – converting visitors into clients. A good website design can help you to get more cases by taking advantage of different opportunities to convert. For you to come up with an effective website design for attorneys, you’ll need to consider some 7 essential components in your design. Forget about the latest trends in web design or what’s flashy in the digital space. The goal of your site is to help you as much as possible to increase conversions.

Having offered website design for many years, it’s safe to say we know what works well for this kind of business if your goal is to improve conversion rates. We’ll go over a few critical components you have to fine-tune in order to get a fully functional and effective website.

An effective call to action (CTAs)

Call to actions tell your users what step they need to take next. They are usually in form of a button with text. A simple call to action is a “contact us” button that leads the user to a contact page or pop-up. Other common call to action buttons found on websites include “visit website”,” Learn More”, “Subscribe”, “Download” and “Watch Video”.

One thing to always avoid when coming up with CTAs is including too many of them on a single page. It tends to water down the most important CTAs. Additionally, don’t overdo it. For instance, we’ve often seen law firm websites that ask clients to contact their law firm at every point on the page. This can really put off certain users. Additionally, some law firms don’t make their call to action buttons very prominent so users find it hard to reach out to them.

With that said, you need to create a balance. Customize your CTAs to suit your law firm’s design needs.

A few rules to follow when figuring out how and where to add CTAs include:

–          Always ensure the CTA is easy to find. Place it in a section of the site where the user’s eyes are likely to gravitate towards.

–          Sometimes you only need to use a CTA once on the page. Overdoing it can result in more harm than good.

–          The size of the CTA should correspond other elements on the page. If you have a lot going on, on the same page then make sure the button is large enough so that it stands out. Sometimes a button that’s too big can appear distracting to users so try to maintain the regular small size.

–          The typeface of your CTA should ensure the text is easy to read and stands out.

–          Choose a button color that stands out and compliments the primary colors on your website.

Proper use of images

Images can make or break your entire website design. If you choose low quality and unpleasant photos especially on prominent places such as the homepage banner, they’ll immediately undermine your site design. Make a good impression by staying away from blurry, poorly formatted and low-resolution images on your law firm website.

It pays to invest in professional, original photos that showcase your law firms, attorneys or even the city which you serve if you are targeting local clients. Good images that would work well as your homepage banner such as cityscapes and landmarks are easy to obtain. In fact, this kind of images can add a local touch to your law firm website and boost trust in your services.

There’s certainly no harm in purchasing high-quality stock photos which you can use on your law firm website. You can even get some beautiful images from free sites like Unsplash and Pexels. What’s more important is that you pick these stock images wisely. Remember that the images can create confidence and trust in your brand. Sometimes you can’t accomplish this with stock photos and therefore may feel the need to invest in custom photography in order to truly reflect your practice on the site.

Typography is very critical

Most people underestimate the importance of typography used on their website. The typography used should reflect the content of the website. Law firms need to give users a sense of seriousness when they visit their website. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing fonts and other typographical features such as the size and weight. Also, remember that the typography needs to be consistent throughout the site.

Make use of whitespace

There will always be new trends and innovations in website design but this doesn’t mean that you need to include each of them on your site. Only add elements that impact on your conversion rate. Don’t just add everything on the page that you think might be useful. When you overwhelm your pages with things like animations, videos, infographics and more, you turn of critical leads. Leave enough whitespace to allow users to focus on things that will ultimately generate leads for your law firm.

Incorporate videos when necessary

Videos will always remain effective because people process visual information much faster than written word. Videos are ideal for attorneys and their websites because they can create an element of trust. There’s so much that you can portray in a video and win the trust of potential clients. From the body language to the tone and even dress code, potential clients will have a good impression of your law firm website design when they see videos of you on the site.


Law firm websites are perfecting the art of storytelling to win the hearts of potential clients. This can be done in the simplest way possible by simply highlighting your personal stories and how they helped shape your law firm website design. It’s actually one of the best ways to build trust. Sharing your story makes you vulnerable. At the same time, clients perceive you as an honest and trustworthy brand that they want to associate with.


Slow loading pages will hamper your efforts. Sometimes you’ll need to cut out certain things on your pages in order to improve the site speed. Google itself uses site speed as one of the ranking factors because they acknowledge that this will affect users’ browsing experience. 

There so much more to consider when building your law firm website. Factors like ease of navigation and site responsiveness should remain your top priorities. We are experts in website design for attorneys ready to provide you with a site that gives you better conversion rates.

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