Legal Marketing: Strategy First, Tools Second

Legal Marketing Strategy First

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Many lawyers have been led to believe that marketing decisions are driven by tools. That’s not true! It takes more than tools to build cohesive marketing strategies.

Do you want to know the right tools for your law firm marketing Chicago? Well, let’s first see where it all went wrong.

Below are four examples of tools-centered conversation:

  • How can you rank higher on Google?
  • How can you create more leads from your website/blog?
  • How can you reach more Facebook users?
  • How can you apply Instagram in your marketing?

All of the above are secondary questions but you’ll find many lawyers and marketers treating them as primary questions. That is why they end up with a disjointed and ineffective marketing strategies.

There are so many marketing tools and they keep changing every day: Facebook, Google, email marketing, direct mail, video, radio, TV, and billboards, the list is endless. If you don’t have a strategy for your legal marketing Chicago, these tools will end up driving you.

Every business today wants to show up higher on Google, but why? Well, if you want more clients, there are cheaper, easier, and more predictable ways to get more customers. What if I told you that many lawyers are only capturing a third of the referred customers that they could be getting from their already existing network?

Maximizing customer referrals is way cheaper and more predictable than fighting for top spot on Google. You do the math! That’s the low-hanging fruit and every lawyer should start there.

If you want to use social media, ask yourself, are you using it to generate new leads, to build your brand, or to stay in touch with your customer referral network? This will help you define your objectives.

Rather than focusing on those tools, ask yourself this:

  • What’s your brand?
  • Who is your ideal client and where do they spend time?
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors?
  • How are you going to generate leads?
  • Who are your referral sources?
  • How many new clients do you need to win each month?
  • How are you going to stay in touch with prospective clients?
  • How can you maximize customer referrals and repeat business?

Those are the primary questions you need to ask yourself first. Once you’ve answered the strategic questions, you can now think about the tools. The tools are there to serve and execute the strategy – not the other way around.


Many lawyers fail to get new clients and files because they waste time on the wrong activities, they don’t authentically connect with potential clients, and they don’t use the most effective marketing techniques. If you want to build a steady flow of referrals and repeat business for your law firm, you need to deal with dNOVO Group Chicago.

dNOVO Group will help you create a marketing system that keeps you top-of-mind with your network and positions you as a credible legal expert. Don’t forget to schedule a consultation with dNOVO to get your law firm marketing on the right track for optimal and sustainable growth.

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